Weights and Dimensions for Divisible Loads

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Custom Report Tools – US Bridge Compliance

Calculate Bridge Compliance for 3 different trucks for only $5 USD

The Custom Bridge Report Tool has been developed to give you an easy way of calculating your bridge compliance. It is currently available to check compliance of a 5 Axle Semi Truck with US Bridge Law. You can make 3 different truck calculations and edit them as much as you wish.

  • Enter axle to axle distances for a 5 axle semi truck and bridge compliance is automatically generated
  • Ability to create, edit and generate unlimited PDF reports for 1 month.
  • Save up to 3 separate truck / trailer combinations at one time!

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Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions – E-textbook and training program

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After working through this book you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between gross weights, tare weights, and payloads
  • Identify the different types of weight limits that apply to vehicles:
    • Gross Weights
    • Axle weights
    • Tire Weights
    • Manufacturers’ Weights
  • Learn where US Federal Laws apply
  • Understand how the Federal government controls truck dimensions
  • Understand how the Federal government regulates weights including Bridge Weights
  • Learn why kingpin to rear axle restrictions are in place
  • Find out how to adjust your axles, and in what direction
  • Find out what the maximum and minimum limits are for KPRA measurements.
  • 49 Pages

Kingpin to Tandems Cheat Sheet PDF

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Everything that you need to know about Kingpin to Tandem Axle Measures in 4 pages:

  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axles Maximums Table
  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axle map
  • Instructions on when and how to move your tandems
  • Where Kingpin to Tandem Minimum measure restrictions are in place
  • 4 Pages

Truck Types by State Guide PDF

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This document contains detailed information on gross weights about 27 different truck types across North America.

  • Maximum Gross Weights for each truck type
  • Gross Weights listed by state and substate levels
  • Map depicting these differences for 18 of the most common truck types
  • Receive both US Standard and Metric versions
  • 64 Pages

5 Axle Semi Truck Guide PDF

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  • Lists gross weights of a 5 axle semi truck in each US state and province
  • Includes map of maximum gross weights in North America
  • Provides detailed information on gross weights, estimated payloads, and dimensions in each US state and Canadian Province
  • Receive both US Standard and Metric versions
  • 67 Pages

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Detailed Truck Information

Detailed Truck Information

This tool gives all the basic information about each specific truck type, within each jurisdiction. Summary information includes the gross weight allowable in the jurisdiction, axle spreads, and dimensions.

Gross Weight by Truck Type

This is a great tool to find out where you can operate specific combinations. Often the same truck can have different weight limits depending on the road that is being travelled. For this purpose, sub jurisdictions are listed that can operate at different weights, permitted or not.

Dimension Comparer

The Dimension Comparer is a way to drill down into a specific dimension and compare limits across jurisdictions. Height limits are different in each state and you can easily view these limits across all jurisdictions using this tool. Other common dimension to compare are the length of a straight truck, and trailer length.

State Information

A summary of the rules in each particular state or province, along with a listing of the truck types that can operate within each state or province. This is useful when you are looking for which types of trucks are available to be used for your application in each state.

This website is a go-to any time I’m wondering if a particular state is going to like the fact that the stupid sugar plant loaded me heavy on the rear. I trust this website more than I trust The Evil Overlord (wife and ex-codriver) with a carving knife in her hand. I trust that’s good enough for you.

From: Trucker Magazine, January 2016

Todd McCann


We at SandCan would like to thank you for your valuable input toward the configuration of our transportation equipment.
Considering the many options that are approved and disapproved throughout the Americas your knowledge and advice was invaluable.
We fully intend to continue utilizing to your Big Truck Guide service for the foreseeable future and truly appreciate your service.
Thank you sincerely,
John Sheesley

John Sheesley


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The Big Truck Guide Database

The Big Truck Guide Database is a collection of information about trucks carrying divisible loads. This means regular freight.

This database was initially assembled in 2014 by collecting and interpreting legal codes from all US States and Canadian Provinces. Since then, updates have been made to the database and continue to be made. A recent list of changes that have been made to the database can be seen below.

A brochure explaining the database can be downloaded from the link below:

What sets out information apart:
Restrictions on truck weights and measures are written in legal codes in a restrictive way. Laws say “The maximum kingpin to tandem axles distance is 41’ except for when the trailer is 48’ long or less.” 

Instead, what is more useful to everyone is that on my 5 axle truck with a 53’ trailer I must have a Kingpin to tandem axles distance of 41’. 

The difference is that in the second statement, the laws have been interpreted to apply to a particular truck. And this is how Big Truck Guide is different. In our database, you will find a list of restrictions as they apply to a particular truck type. The Big Truck Guide database contains 27 different truck types that are commonly used across the United States and Canada, and you can easily compare between these truck types. The result is that you know that your 6 axle truck can be 14 feet high in Kansas and only 13’6″ high in Kentucky.

Updated Washington State Gross Description

In Washington State, trucks can operate to 105,500 lbs if they are licensed for that weight. This was added to the descriptions of several trucks, where there was just the estimated gross weight based on generic wheelbases.

North Dakota Permitted Weights

North Dakota allows weights up to 105,500 lbs on state roads for truck combinations that comply with the bridge formula. These trucks are also allowed permitted on the interstate. This rule does not apply to LCV combinations.

South Dakota Interstate Permitted Weights

South Dakota has no weight limit on state roads, vehicles must just comply with the bridge formula. This can also apply to the interstate, but these trucks require a permit. This was added to the database.

Updated KPRA Map

Alabama changed to green color to reflect that trailers up to 53'6" have no KPRA Maximum Connecticut incorrectly showed 42'8" as the KPRA distance. Changed to...

Change Of Illinois Routes description

Illinois has 3 classifications of roads for trucks, Class I, II and III. Specified that regulations listed only pertain to 'Class I and II'.

Canadian B-Train Lengths

Canada has moved to B-Train Lengths of 27.5 meters in the memorandum of understanding between the provinces. This year, you can expect that some provinces will allow these lengths with no restrictions while others require permits until they can pass legislation to...

Manitoba Updates

Updated the Manitoba Trucker Guide to a 2015 version. Along with this, updated the gross weight and axle weight limits for a number of combinations.

PA Metric Measures Fix

There was a bug in the database which resulted in the PA metric measures being shown incorrectly. This was corrected.

Georgia Kingpin to Center of Tandems Limit

The Georgia Kingpin to Center of Tandems limit was incorrectly recorded at 41'. This was changed to show no restriction, as there is no restriction in Georgia.


How to load nested pipe

Loading pipe for the first time can be intimidating. To do this safely and properly requires some experience and skill, but get into the right habits and it will go smoothly. Pipe can be dangerous, and if not secured properly can be deadly. These instructions describe...

Get your A B C’s Straight

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US DOT studying heavier Semi truck trailers

On December 18, the United States Department of Transportation put on a webinar to present their progress in studying the raising of federal Semi truck trailer size and weights, and an opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback. The study will find out the...

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