Kingpin to Tandems Cheat Sheet

All data in this product is actively maintained. The most recent change was in October 2020.

Everything that you need to know about Kingpin to Tandem Axle Measures in 4 pages:

  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axles Maximums Table – List of each state’s restriction
  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axle map
  • Instructions on when and how to move your tandems
  • Where Kingpin to Tandem Minimum measure restrictions are in place
  • 4 Pages

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Read what our Customers say about the Kingpin to Rear Axle Cheat Sheet

We see so many different drivers and its good to have this reference to show them what the rules actually are!!


Love it


Thanks a lot very helpful


Thank you!!! Yes, I do believe you have it right!  Anyone driving OTR must have this info.  As a matter of fact I once attempted both with CR England and Western Express and asked about these Tandem Distances and these Dispatchers couldn’t assist me…YEAH I know they should have been able to assist, but NO.


Great product just what I needed recommend it awesome got it perfect timing saved me a lot of trouble.


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