Why Big Truck Guide?

It’s that feeling of nervousness as you see the weigh scale lights flashing.

  • Did I double check everything?
  • Why didn’t I insist on weighing the load before I left the shipper?
  • Will I get a ticket?
  • Can I afford it?

I hated these thoughts that happened almost every time I rolled up to a weigh scale.
This is why Big Truck Guide exists. To bring clarity to size and weight regulations so that you can be a little less nervous as you roll up to the scale.


Our Data is Our Strength

Big Truck Guide maintains a proprietary database that complies size and weight regulations for all US states and Canadian provinces.  View some of the data in the following pages, more detail is available for members.

Recent Data Updates

The Big Truck Guide Database is a collection of information about trucks carrying divisible loads. This means regular freight.
This database was initially assembled in 2014 by collecting and interpreting legal codes from all US States and Canadian Provinces. In 2019 it was completely reconstructed with the addition of the ‘ruleset’ concept which allows for the release of MyBigTruck Reports.

This website is a go-to any time I’m wondering if a particular state is going to like the fact that the stupid sugar plant loaded me heavy on the rear. I trust this website more than I trust The Evil Overlord (wife and ex-codriver) with a carving knife in her hand. I trust that’s good enough for you.

Todd McCann, AboutTruckDriving.com

We at SandCan would like to thank you for your valuable input toward the configuration of our transportation equipment.

Considering the many options that are approved and disapproved throughout the Americas your knowledge and advice was invaluable.

We fully intend to continue utilizing to your Big Truck Guide service for the foreseeable future and truly appreciate your service.

John Sheesley, SandCan


Membership Options

Join Big Truck Guide to gain access to all of the products available individually for purchase, and a number of members-only tools that let you compare between 27 different truck types.  

A Big Truck Guide Membership will take the fuzzy out of weight regulations

Membership includes access to:

  • Unlimited MyBigTruck Reports
  • ETextbook and Training Program: Understanding Semi Truck Weights and Dimensions PDF
  • Truck Gross Weights by State Tool
  • Detailed Truck Information Tool
  • Dimension Comparer Tool
  • Trucks Allowed in each State Tool
  • Bridge Weight Calculators
  • Recurring Billing so you don’t lose access

MyBigTruck Reports

Load Heavy. Stay Compliant. Make More Money

US State, US Federal and Canadian Provincial truck size and weight regulations are all different and cause compliance headaches for shippers, trucking companies and truck drivers.  Now with MyBigTruck reports you can enter your axle spacings and other information pertaining to your unique truck and generate a report that contains the following information:

  • Maximum Axle Weights
  • Maximum US Federal and other Bridge Weights
  • Maximum Gross Weights – Unpermitted
  • Maximum Gross Weights – with Permit
  • US Federal Bridge Detailed Compliance
  • Compliance with Kingpin to Rear Axles
  • Compliance with Trailer Length
  • Available for 5 and 6 Axle semi trucks

$25.00 USD for 3 Reports, Unlimited edits

Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions

After working through this book you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between gross weights, tare weights, and payloads
  • Identify the different types of weight limits that apply to vehicles:
  • Gross Weights
  • Axle weights
  • Tire Weights
  • Manufacturers’ Weights
  • Learn where US Federal Laws apply
  • Understand how the Federal government controls truck dimensions
  • Understand how the Federal government regulates weights including Bridge Weights
  • Learn why kingpin to rear axle restrictions are in place
  • Find out how to adjust your axles, and in what direction
  • Find out what the maximum and minimum limits are for KPRA measurements.
  • 49 Pages

Purchase the textbook and gain access to quizzes for $20.00 USD

Kingpin to Tandems Cheat Sheet PDF

Everything that you need to know about Kingpin to Tandem Axle Measures in 4 pages:

  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axles Maximums Table
  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axle map
  • Instructions on when and how to move your tandems
  • Where Kingpin to Tandem Minimum measure restrictions are in place
  • 4 Pages

Purchase this document for $10.00 USD