Sample Gross Weight by Truck Type

US Imperial

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  1. John van der Weerden

    Having just returned from USA and CANADA I would like to show my mates the different tractor trailer axle combinations that I sighted on the roads in Your country

  2. Alex

    How can Ontario be 101900 lbs if the max per Axel (tandem) is 37000 lbs?

  3. Paul Jakubicek

    Thanks for the question Alex!

    According to the Ontario Regulations: Ontario Regulations

    Steer Axle: 7,700 kgs / 16,976 lbs
    Tandem Axles (1.2-1.8m spread): 18,000 kgs / 39,683 lbs
    Tandem Axles (1.8m spread): 19,100 kgs / 42,108 lbs

    So if you have a semi truck with the wider spread on both your drives and your trailer, you can have: 16,976 + 42,108 + 42,108 = 101,192 lbs. Of course, most trucks will not have a 1.8m spread on their drives and will have a maximum of: 16,976 + 39,683 + 42,108 = 98,767 lbs.

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