Kingpin to Rear Axle Maximums

All data on this page is actively maintained. The most recent change was in October 2020. Kingpin to Rear Axle Distances The table below lists Kingpin to Rear Axles measures for a 5 axle semi truck. These measures are applicable on all roads in the state, including US Interstates Jurisdiction Min Max Substate Measures Alabama– … Read more

Semi Trailer Length

The semi trailer length for a 5 axle semi truck trailer varies by state. While federal rules ensure that states cannot reduce the length of a trailer to less than 53 feet on the interstate and access roads, trailer lengths can be shorter than 53 feet on roads that are not federally funded. Also, states … Read more

Straight Truck Length

Straight truck lengths are not standardized across the USA by the federal government. There are no minimums or maximums at the federal level and size and weight are governed entirely by each state separately. However, the most common length restriction is a 40′ maximum length for straight trucks, and having a straight truck of this … Read more