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Detailed Truck Information

Detailed Truck Information

This tool gives all the basic information about each specific truck type, within each jurisdiction. Summary information includes the gross weight allowable in the jurisdiction, axle spreads, and dimensions.

Gross Weight by Truck Type

This is a great tool to find out where you can operate specific combinations. Often the same truck can have different weight limits depending on the road that is being travelled. For this purpose, sub jurisdictions are listed that can operate at different weights, permitted or not.

Dimension Comparer

The Dimension Comparer is a way to drill down into a specific dimension and compare limits across jurisdictions. Height limits are different in each state and you can easily view these limits across all jurisdictions using this tool. Other common dimension to compare are the length of a straight truck, and trailer length.

State Information

A summary of the rules in each particular state or province, along with a listing of the truck types that can operate within each state or province. This is useful when you are looking for which types of trucks are available to be used for your application in each state.

This website is a go-to any time I’m wondering if a particular state is going to like the fact that the stupid sugar plant loaded me heavy on the rear. I trust this website more than I trust The Evil Overlord (wife and ex-codriver) with a carving knife in her hand. I trust that’s good enough for you.

From: Trucker Magazine, January 2016

Todd McCann

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