Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions

Trucking regulations are complicated, and the cost of operating a truck not in compliance is high for both truck drivers and trucking companies.  This book is meant to help in training classes, orientation classes, and for general reference by drivers on the road.  It is accompanied by a series of 4 quizzes that test the knowledge of the student so they can fully understand the complicated world of trucking regulations.   

Working through the four chapters gives an overview of trucking regulations in the United States and Canada.  The first chapter explains the concepts of gross weight, tare weight, tire weights, axle weights and manufacturers’ weights.  The following two chapters explain the US Federal regulations, and importantly, where these regulations apply and where they do not.  The final chapter concentrates on a topic that is confusing and that many drivers find difficult, the distance that a set of tandem axles on a standard 5 axle truck can be from the kingpin of the trailer. 

After working through this book you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between gross weights, tare weights, and payloads
  • Identify the different types of weight limits that apply to vehicles:
    • Gross Weights
    • Axle weights
    • Tire Weights
    • Manufacturers’ Weights
  • Learn where US Federal Laws apply
  • Understand how the Federal government controls truck dimensions
  • Understand how the Federal government regulates weights including Bridge Weights
  • Learn why kingpin to rear axle restrictions are in place
  • Find out how to adjust your axles, and in what direction
  • Find out what the maximum and minimum limits are for KPRA measurements.
  • 49 Pages
  • Download a Sample Here!

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