How to move your tandems: the Post-IT method

James Moore, a Big Truck Guide reader contributed these instructions on how to move your tandems. He writes:

Step 1:

A method I use & (also train students) with is by using post it notes.
Tear a post it note in 1/2. Put 1 piece on the trailer marking where the tandem pin is. Use the other to mark where the pin needs to go. 4 holes is roughly 1 foot step apart. Being 1,000 pounds.

Moving Tandems Postit Method Step 1

Step 2:

Using the toe to heal method, step this distance off.

Moving Tandems Postit Method Step 2

Step 3:

Now go to the driver side door & use the handle (driver door) as the reference to the first piece you marked on the trailer.

Moving Tandems Postit Method Step 3

Step 4:

Moving the tandems backwards / trailer forwards:
Step it off from (driver door) toe to heal toward the nose of the truck. There, place a glove, water bottle or tire thumper on the ground to mark the 2nd piece of post it note (where the pin needs to go.)
Of course if the tandems need to go forward / trailer backwards, then you will place the glove behind the drivers’ door.

Moving Tandems Postit Method Step 4

Step 5:

Then get in the truck. Pull your driver side door handle even with this marker on the ground. This will give you the 4 spaces. If you need less holes, use something else as a reference such as a coke bottle or by using only your foot width or half length of the tire thumper.

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