Maine has Increased its Kingpin to Rear Axle Restriction to 45’6″

Maine is in the process of legislating changes to the Kingpin to Rear Axle law. Their previous limit was 43′ from Kingpin to Rearmost Axle. Now, after receiving confirmation from the Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, the limit is being enforced at 45′ 6″. This allows for a lot more flexibility in operations, especially for trailers equipped with tridem axles.

For more information on Kingpin distances, Big Truck Guide publishes an up-to-date Kingpin cheat sheet for drivers!

Kingpin to Tandems Cheat Sheet PDF

Everything that you need to know about Kingpin to Tandem Axle Measures in 4 pages:

  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axles Maximums Table
  • Printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axle map
  • Instructions on when and how to move your tandems
  • Where Kingpin to Tandem Minimum measure restrictions are in place
  • 4 Pages

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