Updated Colorado State Code Link

Updated the Colorado State Link to: https://casetext.com/statute/colorado-revised-statutes/title-42-vehicles-and-traffic/regulation-of-vehicles-and-traffic/article-4-regulation-of-vehicles-and-traffic/part-5-size-weight-load

Updates to Regulations in DE, GA and NM concerning Tandem Axle Spreads

During a regular review of data, if was found that some spread axle dimensions and weights were not correct on the website. Changes were made to Delaware, Georgia, and New Mexico. Delaware: Code can be found here: https://delcode.delaware.gov/title21/c045/index.shtml As it applies to Non-Interstate roads in Delaware, there are three axle classifications that must be followed: … Read more

Ohio Tandem Axles Update

Updated Ohio Tandem Axles for non-interstate use. These specifications are found in the Ohio code, sections D-2, a and b: (a) Spaced four feet or less apart, and weighed simultaneously, twenty-four thousand pounds; (b) Spaced more than four feet apart, and weighed simultaneously, thirty-four thousand pounds, plus one thousand pounds per foot or fraction thereof, … Read more

Reference Resources Updated

One of the great, but perhaps underused, features of Big Truck Guide is the collection of links to external sources. These have been completely revamped and updated in October 2019, and are continually being updated throughout the year. For each state and province, 2 different links are supplied. The first is a link to the … Read more

Big Updates to Big Truck Guide!

I’m happy to announce one of the biggest changes that have been implemented to the Big Truck Guide database! All datapoints for gross weights and axle weights have been reviewed and updated A new concept has been introduced, called a ‘ruleset’ The ruleset concept has allowed for easier identification of where permits can be utilized … Read more