No Changes to Legislation This Week

There were no changes to legislation over the past week. There were 885 web pages checked with the following results. These were the differences between December 7th and December 14th, 2020. Big Truck Guide tries all it can to keep our data up to date! Status Number of Web Pages Insignificant Change 172 No Change … Read more

No New Updates this week and Corrections to New York Spread

We checked our list of 886 web pages containing truck regulations but have not found any changes to the regulations. Additionally, we found that we were incorrectly showing the minimum spread for tandem axles in New York as 40″, as is the Federal Standard. In fact, New York requires a spread of at least 46″ … Read more

Additional Maine Updates – Tiny Houses and Canadian Weight Trucks

Last month, we highlighted the changes in Maine concerning the Kingpin to Rear Axle Distance. These changes are now reflected in the Maine code found and there are several additional changes as well. In references to trailers, the Maine code now includes references to ‘Tiny Homes’. Maine allows logging trucks at Canadian weights to access … Read more

Maine has Increased its Kingpin to Rear Axle Restriction to 45’6″

Maine is in the process of legislating changes to the Kingpin to Rear Axle law. Their previous limit was 43′ from Kingpin to Rearmost Axle. Now, after receiving confirmation from the Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, the limit is being enforced at 45′ 6″. This allows for a lot more flexibility in operations, especially for trailers equipped with tridem axles.

Updated Ohio State Code Link

The previous Ohio state link was not working, replaced it with this online version:

Updated Colorado State Code Link

Updated the Colorado State Link to: