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  1. William Reuter

    What is the legal over hang from the center of the rear axle to the back bumper in NJ

  2. Paul Jakubicek

    In New Jersey, there is a rule that limits your ‘effective rear overhang’ to 35% of the trailer wheelbase. This means that the distance from the center of your trailer tandems to the end of the trailer can be a maximum of 35% of the distance from the kingpin to the center of your tandems. There is a complete explanation in this blog article: How to Calculate Effective Rear Overhang

  3. Brad H

    how much weight am i allowed on a tri axle trailer. there are so many conflicting answers I don’t know which one to believe. I have gone thought Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Have been over scales with 38,000 lbs on the tridems and had no issues.

  4. Paul Jakubicek

    Weight restrictions on a tri axle trailer are usually based on the bridge formula. If you have a tridem on the interstate then you can carry between 42,000 lbs and 45,000 lbs depending on the spread between these axles. This does not mean that you can necessarily go over the 80,000 lbs limit though.

  5. Richard Livers

    How far to my tandems be from the end of the trailer on a 50 foot trailer and 48 foot trailer… i.e the center of the trailer tandem on a 53-foot trailer cannot be less than 10 ft from the end of the trailer…

  6. Paul Jakubicek

    In the US, 48 foot trailers don’t have to comply with Kingpin laws on the Interstate and National Network. Trailers over 48′ have kingpin maximum laws in some states: Kingpin Maximums or minimums which are explained here.

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