Alaska semi truck weights and dimensions

Alaska is a very remote state from the rest of the U.S. Accessing Alaska is usually done through the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, so weight regulations in these provinces must be taken into consideration. Also, shipments have to be bonded if loading in the lower 48 and shipping north, or vice versa. Long Combination Vehicles can operate within Alaska as well heavier combinations with quad axle groupings on trailers. Things to watch out for: Watch out for sending a spread axle tandem to Alaska, spread axles have a high weight rating in Alaska, but reduced weight capabilities in Western Canada. Alaska has no Interstates, and no specified gross weights. The maximum that you can place on a truck in Alaska is the lower of the bridge weight and axle weight maximums. Alaska has two different bridge calculations, depending on whether the combination has a drop axle on the tractor. Axle weights are also slightly higher than in other US states.

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