Semi Truck Size and Weight Laws in the United States and Canada

Across North America, there are tractor trailer size and weight regulations that must be followed. Here are some of the most common limits. Canada In Canada, the weight regulation is set by the provinces. Canadian Provinces generally govern semi-truck weights by specifying the number of axles, and general configuration of the truck. Then, the combination … Read more

Quebec thaw season 2016

The Quebec thaw season 2016 is here and Big Truck Guide has added information on all allowable axle weights and gross weights over the restriction time into our tools. It’s that time of year, when the roads are going to get a little soft after a really cold winter. In Quebec, this means that it … Read more

Semi Truck Trailer Combinations in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, along with other jurisdictions heavily involved with manufacturing in Canada and the US, has many different sizes of truck available for shippers to use. Ontario has a unique position in North America, because standard Canada-wide combinations operate through the region, such as the 6 axle tractor trailer, and the 8 axle B-Train combination. But … Read more

Top 10 Heaviest Semi Trucks in the United States and Canada

Where are the largest trucks operating in the United States and Canada? This is a tricky question, and there are several ways of answering it.  But the commonly reported fact that trucks can only be 80,000 lbs in America is false, there are many trucks that operate at much higher weights on a regular basis. … Read more

Know how to slide your tandems

Summary of how to move your tandems

Which way to slide your tandems? A common task for truck drivers is to slide the tandem axle group along the trailer to adjust the weight on different axle groups.  Knowing which way to move the axles can be confusing. The tandem axle groups on most trailers can be moved forwards and backwards along the … Read more

How to load nested pipe

Loading pipe for the first time can be intimidating. To do this safely and properly requires some experience and skill, but get into the right habits and it will go smoothly. Pipe can be dangerous, and if not secured properly can be deadly. These instructions describe how to load nested pipe, not pipe assembled into bundles.

How the Panama canal expansion will affect US truckers

If you haven’t heard, the Panama Canal is being expanded by a huge amount. Currently, ships with capacities of 4,800 20’ containers (TEU’s) can fit through the canal. However, the ships that will be able to travel the canal after the expansion is complete will be over twice the size with capacities over 12,000 TEU. … Read more