Tips for shippers – increase efficiencies – ship heavier loads

Are you a shipper that wants to ship heavier loads? How can this be accomplished?
Pressures on supply chain and logistics departments today is to constantly make your supply chain more efficient. One way to do this is to simply increase the size and weight of loads that are shipped. If you would like to ship heavier loads, here are a couple of options:

1) If you have a good amount of freight and a good relationship with your carrier, ask them to send you lighter trucks. Carriers can, and do custom – build their equipment around their customers’ needs and they can put their trucks on a weight diet to serve you. For example, they can fit their trucks with smaller sleepers, aluminum wheels, smaller fuel tanks, etc. A lighter truck means a heavier load for you.

2) Find a carrier that runs at heavier weights than 80,000 lbs. While this is not possible everywhere, there are 28 states in the US that allow divisible loads of all kinds that can weigh more than 80,000 lbs. And Big Truck Guide can help you with finding out where you can operate at higher weights than 80,000 lbs. Sign up for our membership services and see where to order heavier trucks! For example, in New Mexico, 5 axle trucks can gross at about 82,000 lbs, depending on their axle spacing, and in Texas, trucks can obtain a permit for 84,000 lbs when traveling on county and state highways (non-interstate). See Detailed Truck Information.

Explore your options as a shipper, you can usually find a way to increase your truck utilization and weight capacity if you take a critical look at your operations and engage with your carriers.

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