Semi Truck Trailer Combinations in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, along with other jurisdictions heavily involved with manufacturing in Canada and the US, has many different sizes of truck available for shippers to use. Ontario has a unique position in North America, because standard Canada-wide combinations operate through the region, such as the 6 axle tractor trailer, and the 8 axle B-Train combination. But proximity to Quebec and Michigan, both jurisdictions with options of operating heavy truck trailers allow for a large variety of truck sizes operating in the province.

Ontario has regulations that are extremely descriptive, compared to others around the US and Canada. This means that the regulations describe exactly how the truck combinations should be configured, for each type of tractor trailer. This is different from the US in that bridge calculations do not play as large a role in configuring your vehicle in Ontario.

There are a large number of types of trucks that operate in Ontario, many of which are designed to travel into and through Michigan, Quebec and New York State. Trailers with 3, 4, 5, and 6 axles are commonly used to move heavy commodities. Ontario has also begun a LCV project with turnpike doubles being permitted along divided highways and access routes after submission of the route on the permit application. These heavy semi-trucks as well as B-Train combinations can operate at gross weights of 63,500 kgs / 139,993 lbs, depending on the number of axles and configuration.

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