Big Truck Guide has launched a new service that will create big efficiencies in your transport bill

Clear information on maximum truck weights and lengths will help shippers load bigger and help carriers increase compliance.

TORONTO, CANADA – February, 27, 2015 – Big Truck has launched a new service this month that will change the way that shippers look at equipment that rolls into their yard and make carriers more compliant with size and weight regulations. The launch of a paid membership area on Big Truck Guide provides access to detailed information on gross weights, payload estimates, axle weights, and dimensions for 27 commonly used truck types across all US states and Canadian provinces. Shippers can check the state that they operate in and find the most optimal truck for their load. Carriers and truck drivers can ensure compliance and look for above average weight allowances to satisfy shippers.

The truth is, well informed carriers and shippers in many states already utilize trucks that are much heavier than 80,000 lbs, and have trailers longer than 53’. Payloads of 50,000 lbs or more are possible today, with current regulations. The problem has always been that carriers may know some regulations that allow them to operate at heavier payloads and with longer trailers, but no one has ever been able to easily query all legal sizes.

With Big Truck Guide, shippers and carriers can easily identify the 28 states in the US that have weight limits over 80,000 lbs for trucks with a tri-axle trailer. Or if there is a need to operate turnpike double combinations, shippers and carriers can quickly reference all states where turnpike doubles are permitted and the payloads available to operate in each state. These are just a couple of the situations where Big Truck Guide can help increase your payloads and reduce your shipping costs.

Big Truck Guide has created a proprietary database that is available to query using online tools for only $19 per month. The Sample Detailed Truck Information tool shows all gross weights, axle weights, and dimensions across every state and province. The Gross Weight by Truck Type tool gives a quick comparison of the greatest allowable weight for each truck type in each state, and maps these possibilities. The State Information page gives a written description of all applicable truck regulations in each jurisdiction. Shippers and carriers are now able to easily find out what trucks are available, how much weight can be loaded on them, and maximize the use of their equipment.

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