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  1. If a semi tractor has a drom can it be longer than the 244in wheelbase in BC? For instance, a 270 wheelbase cabover with an 8ft drom deck.

  2. The drom unit doesn’t have anything to do with the wheelbase in BC. There are 2 ways to obtain a longer wheelbase tractor in BC: 1) A tridem drive tractor must have a wheelbase between 260″-268″. However, all axles in the group must be engine-powered (no tag axles allowed). 2) A tandem truck with a mounted crane have a wheelbase up to 393″. Sorry there are no exceptions that I know of for a drom unit, but if you mount a little crane on your drom you could do it according to the legal code. See the 7 axle tridem-tridem truck combination for the legal dimensions of a tridem truck trailer combination in BC, this is available in the membership area of Big Truck Guide. Also take a look at the BC code, there is a link to it on the bottom of the page after you search the BC truck.

  3. I pull a 53′ reefer out of nc. I haul and pickup to If max is 41′ from kingpin to center of axel,how far can I slide my axels each way to adjust my axels and be legal. Last night in va. I was stoped and was over 1700lb on front tandems. All they said was please adjust. I slid my rears 5 six in. holes to the front. But now I’m off my 41′ how’s that work?

  4. The answer to your question is actually really complicated, so I wrote a blog post to explain the details. Read More Detail Here But essentially there are two things you have to watch out for:
    1) Do not reduce the distance between your first drive axle and your last trailer axle to less than 36 feet. You will have weight reductions below this.
    2) The minimum distance from your kingpin to center of tandems is 37’1″ in Canada, Maine, Maryland and New Jersey. This applies to many 53′ trailers.

  5. Hi, I’m from Alberta,Canada. I have truck with wheelbase of 255″ and 53 feet flatbed. Just wondering do i need any additional permit in states to drive truck with this wheel base. please help..

  6. In the United States, the Interstate has no overall length limit for semi truck combinations. That means that you can operate your vehicle on the interstate in the US.
    Some things to remember:

    • If you go far off of the interstate, different rules might apply and you could be over length. Some states restrict overall length to 75′ on state roads.
    • You will have weight restrictions on your truck trailer in the United States that are much lower than in Canada and be restricted to a 80,000 lbs maximum, depending on the state.
  7. According to the IL code, found here, Class 1 and 2 highways have a Kingpin to Rear Axle length of 45’6″ (section 15-107). These include Interstates and major roads with lane widths of at least 11′. You are correct, that designated truck routes with widths of less than 11′ have a Kingpin to Rear Axle length of 42’6″.

  8. I just found your site and purchased the state regs. I want to buying am looking at a 50 foot RGN thats 45 foot from kingpin to center of rear axle group, my question is why would anyone make or try to sell a trailer thats illegal to operate in most of the eastern states in the country.

  9. There are a few reasons why trailer manufacturers’ make trailers that can’t be used everywhere:
    1) They won’t be used in those states
    2) The manufacturers’ don’t know the regulations themselves (this happens alot – they should ask us 🙂
    3) They will operate in these states only sometimes, and with an RGN you will be hauling oversize goods so you can more easily get an oversize permit. But in this case, it will be pretty hard to travel empty out of those states (which is why if you want to buy a RGN like this, buy a retractable deck so you can shrink it to 48′ long and not have to follow Kingpin laws)

  10. I live in Florida .i want to buy 53 feet flatbed king pin 24 inches 102inches spread.i known that i need a permit in FL.but am i legal anywhere else usa (except) CAlifornia

  11. Hello, kingpin laws apply to all trailers over 48′ long in various states. If a state has a kingpin law, then you will likely have trouble complying with these regulations. A list of kingpin laws can be seen on our kingpin law page here. If a state does not have a kingpin law, you will be ok to operate this trailer.

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