Quebec thaw season 2016

The Quebec thaw season 2016 is here and Big Truck Guide has added information on all allowable axle weights and gross weights over the restriction time into our tools.

It’s that time of year, when the roads are going to get a little soft after a really cold winter. In Quebec, this means that it will be time to start to pay attention to spring load restrictions. Big Truck Guide has prepared for this by adding maximum axle and gross weights that are available during the thaw period. The reduction in weights takes place at different times across Quebec, with the province being divided into three zones that have their own dates when the reductions are in effect. They are:

  • Zone 1: March 14 to May 13 (Southern Quebec including Montreal and Quebec City)
  • Zone 2: March 21 to May 20 (Saguenay, Sept-Iles)
  • Zone 3: March 28 to May 27 (Val D’Or)

For a map of the areas click here: Map of Thaw Zones.

For a standard 5 axle tractor trailer, the gross weight allowable will go from 41,500 kgs to 40,000 kgs due to axle restrictions. All trucks will be harder to load to their maximum gross weights because of axle weight reductions. However, in North American terms, Quebec still has very high allowable payloads available for shippers, and these weights are still higher than average even during the thaw period. A semi truck with a 4 axle trailer with a ‘Quebec spread’ can gross 55,500 kgs normally and 54,000 kgs during the thaw period.

Other trucks shippers can take advantage of in Quebec are the turnpike double combinations that run on many highways at weights up to 67,500 kgs (148,812 lbs!) and the Canadian B-Train combination that runs at 62,500 kgs in Quebec.

So pay attention to the thaw laws this season and load lighter than you would over the next few months. Check out the Sample Detailed Truck Information page for information on legal weights for a 5 axle truck trailer, and our Membership options for information on other sizes of trucks, including B-Trains and Semi Trucks with 4 axle trailers.