Big Truck Guide has done what no one in the industry has managed before. Make an easy way of looking up truck weights and dimensions so that you can haul more, on larger trucks, simply by knowing what the regulations are everywhere. Big Truck Guide has read and interpreted the state and provincial laws for all 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces. We have identified 27 commonly used truck combinations from these jurisdictions and recorded the legal gross weights, dimensions, and axle weights for all these combinations into our proprietary database.

The truth is that today, many carriers across both Canada and the United States utilize trucks that are much heavier than 80,000 lbs, and have trailers longer than 53’. Payloads of 50,000 lbs or more are possible today, with current regulations. The problem has always been that carriers know the regulations in their area, but not as much in areas where they do not operate regularly. Big Truck Guide has changed this by compiling a list of all regulations and gross weights across states, and this can show that there are 28 states in the US that have weight limits over 80,000 lbs for trucks with a tridem axle trailer. Even heavier weights are possible in many states, and some states (South Dakota and Alaska) have no overall gross limits.

Look through the sample tools, the Sample Detailed Truck Information tools shows all gross weights, axle weights, and dimensions for a standard 5 axle truck across every state and province, the paid version of the site allows you to query all 27 recorded truck types. The Gross Weight by Truck Type tool gives a quick comparison of the greatest allowable weight for each truck type in each state, and shows a map to quickly visualize this. The State Information page give a written description of all applicable truck regulations in each jurisdiction.