Big Truck Guide Dimension Limits

The Big Truck Guide database contains dimension limits for 27 truck types. Pictures of each dimension are shown, with examples of straight truck limits, semi truck limits, and limits specific to B Trains, A trains and other trailers.

An Early Goodbye to Diesel: Will Electric, Hydrogen or Overhead power Win the Coming Energy Battle?

A new report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative highlights a reality that will soon be apparent to everyone. Fossil fuels are something that will come to an end, and the world will move to other sources of energy. Not only because it is better for the environment, but most importantly, because it will be cheaper. Which energy sources will be used for powering heavy trucks in the future?

Payloads by state with permits

Where can you get an overweight permit for regular divisible freight? Enter the trucks’ empty (tare) weight to get your potential payload. For a low cost of $25 you get all US States and Canadian Provinces! Example Report State Ruleset Jurisdiction Permit Required? 5 Axle Payload Alabama US Federal Interstate and Designated No 44,350 lbs … Read more

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Kingpin Compliance for your Truck

Tired of searching to see where you are compliant? Enter a few simple dimensions and a list of where you are kingpin compliant will be emailed to you. For a low cost of $10 you get all US States and Canadian Provinces! Example Report State Kingpin Compliant? California NO Connecticut NO Indiana NO Maine NO … Read more

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Kingpin to Rear Axle Maximums

All data on this page is actively maintained. The most recent change was in December 2019. Kingpin to Rear Axle Distances The table below lists Kingpin to Rear Axles measures for a 5 axle semi truck. These measures are applicable on all roads in the state, including US Interstates Jurisdiction Min Max Substate Measures Alabama– … Read more

Semi Trailer Length

The semi trailer length for a 5 axle semi truck trailer varies by state. While federal rules ensure that states cannot reduce the length of a trailer to less than 53 feet on the interstate and access roads, trailer lengths can be shorter than 53 feet on roads that are not federally funded. Also, states … Read more

Kingpin to Tandems Cheat Sheet

Everything that you need to know about Kingpin to Tandem Axle Measures in 4 pages, including a printable copy of the Kingpin to Tandem Axles Maximums table, map, and instructions on how and when to move your axles.

Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions

After working through this book you will be able to: Distinguish between gross weights, tare weights, and payloads Identify the different types of weight limits that apply to vehicles: Gross Weights Axle weights Tire Weights Manufacturers’ Weights Learn where US Federal Laws apply Understand how the Federal government controls truck dimensions Understand how the Federal … Read more