Big Updates to Big Truck Guide!

I’m happy to announce one of the biggest changes that have been implemented to the Big Truck Guide database!

  • All datapoints for gross weights and axle weights have been reviewed and updated
  • A new concept has been introduced, called a ‘ruleset’
  • The ruleset concept has allowed for easier identification of where permits can be utilized to increase weights.

Now, each truck type will show one or more rulesets, each of which are clearly marked as to whether a permit is needed. For example, the new Summary weight table for a 8 Axle B-Train in North Dakota is as follows:

Ruleset Jurisdiction Permit Required? Estimated Gross *
US Federal Interstate No 80,000 lbs
ND – Interstate with Permit Interstate Yes 105,500 lbs
ND Law – 75 fee 75′ and 105,500 lbs network No 105,500 lbs
ND Law – 95 Feet 95′ and 105,500 lbs networks No 105,500 lbs
ND Non-Designated Other State Highways not otherwise designated No 105,500 lbs

*This is an estimate as it does not include bridge and tire compliance