North Carolina 5 Axle Semi Truck Size and Weight Limits

North Carolina: 5 Axle Semi Truck

semi truck tractor trailer

Gross Weight Limits

Ruleset Jurisdication Permit Required? Estimated Gross *
US Federal Interstate and Designated No 80,000 lbs

* This is an estimate as it does not include bridge and tire compliance.

Axle Weight Limits

Ruleset: US Federal

Jurisdication: Interstate and Designated

Axle Group Tire Type Axle Spread Axle Weight Limit
Steer AxleSingle 20,000 lbs
Tandem DrivesDuals40 - 96 in 38,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals40 - 96 in 38,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals96 - 108 in 38,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals108 - 120 in 39,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals120 - 121 in 40,000 lbs

Dimension Restrictions

Interstate and DesignatedNon-Designated Highways
Dimension NameMinMaxMinMax
Overall Height13' 6"
Overall LengthNo Limit
Overall Width8' 6"
Front Overhang3' 0"
Rear Overhang4' 0"
Semi-Trailer Length53' 0" 48' 0"
Semi-Trailer Wheelbase
- Kingpin to Center of Axles
41' 0"



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