Big Truck Guide Launches the MyBigTruck compliance tool

Using the MyBigTruck compliance tool is like downloading your safety manager’s brain!

Big Truck Guide is proud to announce the launch of the MyBigTruck report application. This is a new product that provides detailed information on compliance with US State, US Federal, and Canadian Provincial size and weight regulations for divisible loads on 5 and 6 axle semi trucks.

For too long interpreting size and weight regulations has been done on a case-by-case basis with no way to easily compare one truck across multiple jurisdictions. Now, after generating your MyBigTruck report, you can see what the maximum axle weights and gross weights are in each state and province, and if a permit is available to increase these weights! Drivers can be sure that their axle weights are compliant, and shippers and trucking companies can easily see where to increase the payloads that they can carry.

MyBigTruck works by requiring all axle spacings be entered into the online tool. Then, combined with the Big Truck Guide proprietary size and weight regulations database, restrictions for that particular truck configuration are generated. The tool considers:

  • Axle weight restrictions
  • Gross weight restrictions
  • Bridge weight restrictions

And calculates the lowest, legal combination of all these weight restrictions for each jurisdiction.

This will save countless hours of searching for regulations and is a game-changing development for safety departments in trucking companies across the US and Canada!

MyBigTruck is available for purchase on Big Truck Guide and is available for free for Big Truck Guide members.

MyBigTruck Product Description