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Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions

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Order Review: Understanding Semi Truck Weights and Dimensions: E-Textbook plus Training Program

Access to the ‘Understanding Semi Truck Weights and Dimensions’ e-textbook, plus training materials including 4 quizzes.

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You are purchasing the Understanding Truck Weights and Dimensions – E-textbook and training program

After working through this book you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between gross weights, tare weights, and payloads
  • Identify the different types of weight limits that apply to vehicles:
    • Gross Weights
    • Axle weights
    • Tire Weights
    • Manufacturers’ Weights
  • Learn where US Federal Laws apply
  • Understand how the Federal government controls truck dimensions
  • Understand how the Federal government regulates weights including Bridge Weights
  • Learn why kingpin to rear axle restrictions are in place
  • Find out how to adjust your axles, and in what direction
  • Find out what the maximum and minimum limits are for KPRA measurements.
  • 49 Pages

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