Payloads by state with permits

Where can you get an overweight permit for regular divisible freight?

Enter the trucks’ empty (tare) weight to get your potential payload.

For a low cost of $25 you get all US States and Canadian Provinces!

Enter 5 or 6 Axle Truck
Enter empty truck weight, typical Van weight default entered

Example Report

StateRulesetJurisdictionPermit Required?5 Axle Payload
AlabamaUS FederalInterstate and DesignatedNo44,350 lbs
AlaskaAK LawDesignatedNo51,075 lbs
AlbertaAB Provincial LawPrimaryNo51,432 lbs
ColoradoCO LawNon-Interstate RoutesNo49,350 lbs
FloridaFL LawState Roads and TurnpikeYes47,850 lbs
IdahoUS FederalNational NetworkNo44,350 lbs
IdahoUS FederalNational NetworkYes47,850 lbs
Full list contains 112 rows, selected states and jurisdictions shown


Is maintained and state laws are checked on a monthly basis.

We at SandCan would like to thank you for your valuable input toward the configuration of our transportation equipment.

Considering the many options that are approved and disapproved throughout the Americas your knowledge and advice was invaluable.

We fully intend to continue utilizing to your Big Truck Guide service for the foreseeable future and truly appreciate your service.

John Sheesley, SandCan