How to move your tandems: the Post-IT method

James Moore, a Big Truck Guide reader contributed these instructions on how to move your tandems. He writes: Step 1: A method I use & (also train students) with is by using post it notes. Tear a post it note in 1/2. Put 1 piece on the trailer marking where the tandem pin is. Use … Read more

How far forward can you move your tandems?

Most of the time, drivers have problems moving their tandems backwards, to take weight off of their trailer tandems. But there are a couple of situations where drivers need to be careful of how far forward they move their tandems. Issue number 1 The first issue is bridge laws, at a certain distance you will … Read more

Know how to slide your tandems

Which way to slide your tandems? A common task for truck drivers is to slide the tandem axle group along the trailer to adjust the weight on different axle groups.  Knowing which way to move the axles can be confusing. The tandem axle groups on most trailers can be moved forwards and backwards along the … Read more

How to load nested pipe

Loading pipe for the first time can be intimidating. To do this safely and properly requires some experience and skill, but get into the right habits and it will go smoothly. Pipe can be dangerous, and if not secured properly can be deadly. These instructions describe how to load nested pipe, not pipe assembled into … Read more