New Jersey 5 Axle Semi Truck Size and Weight Limits

New Jersey: 5 Axle Semi Truck

semi truck tractor trailer

Gross Weight Limits

Ruleset Jurisdiction Permit Required? Estimated Gross *
US Federal Interstate and 102" / Twin Trailer network No 80,000 lbs

* This is an estimate as it does not include bridge and tire compliance.

Axle Weight Limits

Ruleset: US Federal

Jurisdiction: Interstate and 102" / Twin Trailer network

Axle Group Tire Type Axle Spread Axle Weight Limit
Steer AxleSingle 22,400 lbs
Tandem DrivesDuals40 - 96 in 34,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals40 - 96 in 34,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals96 - 108 in 38,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals108 - 120 in 39,000 lbs
Trailer TandemDuals120 - 121 in 40,000 lbs

Dimension Restrictions

Interstate and 102" / Twin Trailer networkState Roads other than 102" network
Dimension NameMinMaxMinMax
Overall Height13' 6"
Overall LengthNo Limit62' 0"
Overall Width8' 6" 8' 0"
Front OverhangNot Specified
Rear OverhangOverhang to legal trailer length (53')Overhang to legal trailer (48') and overall length (62')
Semi-Trailer Length53' 0" 48' 0"
Semi-Trailer Wheelbase
- Kingpin to Center of Axles
41' 0"
Semi-Trailer Kingpin Setback3' 6"
Effective Rear Overhang35% of Trailer Wheelbase Max.



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