Big Truck Guide

This website was made to help semi truck drivers and dispatchers find legal vehicle weights quickly and easily. You can also check to see if your tractor trailer is in compliance with US federal bridge laws.

Kingpin to Tandem/Rear Axle Distance

  • Find the legal maximum distance for your Kingpin to Rear Axle distance, click here.

Kingpin to Rear Axle Distance

Axle and Gross Weights

  • For information about Axle and Gross weight limits on US Interstates and in Canadian Provinces, click here.

Semi Truck Tractor Trailer 5 axle

US Bridge Weight Calculator

  • To use the US bridge formula weight calculator to find out if your semi truck is legal according to US bridge formula weights, click here

Semi Truck Tractor Trailer 5 axle

  • We strive to have accurate legal weights reflected on this website, but as always the actual laws are what count
  • So you can easily double check these figures, see the sources here
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There are going to be some big changes coming soon to Big Truck Guide. The information that you can find on the website today, showing all truck axle weights and gross weights is being improved and will soon include truck dimensions as well. Importantly, Big Truck Guide will soon have information on truck weights and measures in all 50 US states and 10 Canadian Provinces. You will be able to answer questions in a way that you never have before, including things like what is the maximum length of a straight truck across all provinces? Or – how much weight can I put on tandem drives in every state? Please sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the upcoming changes!

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