For carriers, dispatchers and truck drivers:


  • Haul heavier loads
  • Give drivers a clear tool for compliance

For shippers, brokers, 3PL’s and supply chain consultants:


  • Optimize shipments effectively
  • Ask carriers to carry heavier bigger loads

For governments and local business development officers:


  • Promote your jurisdiction through full understanding of regulations

Everyone in the industry knows how that regulations around truck sizes and weights are complicated and convoluted. Chances are that you can ship more weight on trucks today, without changing any laws, and make more money. Big Truck Guide also helps with your compliance efforts and gives drivers clear information on legal axle and gross weights.

Your carrier may not know exactly what the biggest truck they can use in a particular lane, especially if they do not do business there on a regular basis. With the information you find on Big Truck Guide, you can easily identify where you can request Long Combination Vehicles (up to two 53’ trailers pulled by one truck), run oversize trailers (e.g. 53’-60’ long) or obtain payloads of 45,000 to 100,000 lbs for loads of ordinary cargo, under current regulations. Simply put, it is likely that a 45,000 lbs payload in a 53’ trailer is not the biggest, most effective truck load you can get.

You can use the information in Big Truck Guide to promote your jurisdiction as a destination for supply chain businesses. Businesses can save hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars by locating their factory or distribution center in your jurisdiction if you have favorable truck weight regulations.

EBook Offerings

Our library of ebook offerings is new but growing. Our documents offer simple layouts and easily understandable formats that explain weight and measure regulations.

Big Truck Guide brings Big Data to transportation

Up until now there has been no systematic examination of truck sizes and weights across North America. You have probably heard that “in Canada they run 6 axle trucks” or “in Michigan they have really big trucks”. But the exact weights and truck sizes available for shippers has been very hard to find. Big Truck Guide has read and interpreted the state and provincial laws for all 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces. We have identified 27 commonly used truck combinations from these jurisdictions and recorded the legal gross weights, dimensions, and axle weights for all these combinations into our proprietary database. These weights, dimensions and trucks all apply to divisible loads.

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